Colleyvine has some new features.

We have recently removed and added a lot more features to better serve you. 

Drop Off Box

To Serve you after hours, we recently installed a drop box.

This option is for those who can't make it to us when we are open.

Simply put your clothes in a bag with your name and phone number and drop them in the box.

We will have them ready for you after 5pm that day.  


Ask inside for the 3 digit code that opens this box.

New Computers and System

We want to better serve you 

For this, we upgraded our computers to be more efficient 

*Customers that haven't visited our store in a while will have to register again.*



We recently remodeled the inside of our store.

We know wanted to make you feel more comfortable by providing 

a cleaner look. 

New Cameras

We have also installed cameras for extra care of your clothes. Although we take many precautions, mistakes still can occur. 

However, to avoid misunderstandings we have cameras that record everything.

To Provide for you.

We have collar straighter and Lint Rollers here for you.

Ask our cashiers if you would like one.