Welcome to Colleyvine Cleaners.

Coming into a new dry cleaners can be a difficult experience.

   However, We are here to make your visit simple and easy.   

Register on our New Computers

We updated our computers to better serve you.

Come to our store either through the door or the drive thru and let us know you are a new customer.

We will ask you for the following:


First and Last Name

Phone Number

Type of starch

Let us know if you have any other preferences.  


After that you are all set.



Dropping off 

We know you are busy in the morning so we would like to make this a fast and easy trip. After registering with our computers, the rest is easy:


You can either drop off the clothes by themselves.


 Put them in a bag with your Name & Phone Number attached to it.


When you drop off we will give you a slip telling you when they will be ready. 

*If you drop them off before 9AM they will be ready after 5PM the same day*

Picking up

Come into our store either through the door or drive thru let us know you are here to pick up. 

Tell us your name or phone number that is registered into our computer. 


We then will bring your clothes out to you. 

*If you are a frequent customer, we can add your to our charge accounts. Instead of paying every time for your dry cleaning, we would charge you at the end of the month*

Questions? Call us at 817. 571. 8585.